Your are most welcome to our non-profit organisation Child-Wish.

The doors of our recognized Child-WishHOUSES are wide open to you when you are single or in a relationship and consider raising a family. Wishing parents and their surroundings can also attend workshops in those houses, information sessions and courses on child-wish in the broadest sense of the word.

Thanks to our CHILDWISH.NET, the carenet for wishing parents, we ensure that your decision-making process is optimized when getting pregnant becomes difficult.
In addition, we want to provide a safety net for people who suffer from pregnancy loss or stillbirth and for people who are unwanted childless, with the help of professionals trained in our very own training center.

Our training center fertiliTIME offers a wide range of training for professionals and further education.

Finally we try to highlight the child-wish theme through prevention and sensitization as much as possible. All this under the supervision of our guidance committee (check our organizational chart here).



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