#Our goals

Our organisation CHILD-WISH sets itself and its network of expertise the following goals:
– Putting child-wish on the social and political agenda
– Guiding the decision-making process of the child-wish (the path during and the process if the desire to have children remains unfulfilled)
– To be able to offer customized work in the field of child-wish, in the broadest sense of the word, by combining very different expertise within CHILD-WISH’s network of expertise
– Coordinate and streamline existing initiatives on child-wish
– Providing training and further training on the theme of child-wish


  1. On request, people with child-wish and their environment offer a first-line contact via our CHILD-WISH houses, acknowledge the question with knowledge of the facts, answer and guide or ensure that it ends up in the right place in the network of expertise
  2. Provide opportunities for persons with child-wish and their environment to exchange information and experiences or to facilitate this through our CHILD-WISH houses
  3. Increase expertise on child-wish by taking stock of them and distributing them to the healthcare sector in order to optimize the quality of care and assistance
  4. Actively seeking out national and international experts and informing them about the role and persuading the importance of our position in the healthcare sector so that they can meet our demand to fill gaps in the expertise of the network and we can share mutual expertise
  5. Continuing to convince relevant policy makers of the deep impact an unfulfilled desire to have children can have on individuals, their partners, their surroundings and even on society in general and our important role in this
  6. Identify similar organisations and initiatives by developing the Child-wish network of expertise, communicate about our vision and functioning and convince them that cooperation entails a mutual added value and leads to an added value in the help and care for people with a child-wish and their surroundings
  7. Inform the population about the existence and role of the CHILD-WISH houses, about the theme of child-wish and its significance for those involved and society so that child-wish is linked to the CHILD-WISH houses and so that the person with a child-wish and their surroundings can count on an understanding, accepting attitude
  8. Providing a framework for child-wish in special contexts, such as – but not exclusively – in fertility problems, child-wish for chronic diseases, child-wish at advanced age, secondary unwanted childlessness, pregnancy loss, peri- and neonatal death, equivalent alternatives to parenting, survival without children, single and child-wish and other related themes about child-wish
  9. All this by means of explorative research fitting within the goals of our non-profit organization; conduct qualitative and quantitative research on the effects of current policy on child-wish, unfulfilled child-wish, fertility treatments and psychosocial support